Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pokemon Art #1: Sylveon!

Hi guys! Today I'm doing a Pokemon art I drew! For Pokemon Art you can post your art in the comments and I might feature it a Pokemon Art post! :D Anyways, here's my drawing! :3

Comment what you think of the art and post your art in the comments! :DDD

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon X and Y!

Hi guys it's Mystic and some of you might be wondering how to get the fairy type eeveelution Sylveon! So today I'll be showing you how to get Sylveon in Pokemon X and Y!
Step 1: Teach your Eevee a fairy type move. (I don't know if has to be Baby-Doll Eyes though XD)
Step 2: Play with Eevee in Pokemon Amie in till it has max affection. :D
Step 3: Train up Eevee but try to avoid places with the ice rock and moss rock..
Step 4: Enjoy your new Sylveon! :D

Pokemon Spotlight: Eevee

Hello Jammers! I'm SnowyPaw the newest Author for this blog! I love Pokemon my favorite Pokemon are Flareon and Leafeon! Today's Pokemon spotlight is Eevee!

Eevee can be evolved into 7 different Pokemon:

Leafeon(Grass Type),Glaceon(Ice Type),Espeon(Sun/Physic Type),Umbreon(Dark Type),Vaporeon(Water Type),Jolteon(Electric Type) and Flareon(Fire Type). To get certain Pokemon you'll nee to have Special Stones to evolve them. With these Pokemon you'll need stones,Rock or Happiness Level.

To get Leafeon you'll need to start off with an Eevee and go to the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest.

To get Flareon you'll need a Fire Stone and you have to use that on your Eevee and Trade your Eevee to another game,and your Eevee will evolve into a Flareon!

To get Glaceon you'll need to have your Eevee in your Party and go to the Ice Rock near Snowpoint City 

To get Umbreon you'll need to have Eevee in your Party and use the Dark Stone but your Eevee will need to have a high happiness rate.

To get Espeon you'll need to have Eevee in your Party and use the Sun Stone but your Eevee needs to have a high happiness rate.

To get Jolteon you'll need to have Eevee in your Party and use the Thunder stone.

To get Vaporeon you'll need Eevee in your Party and use the Water Stone. I hope you enjoyed my post about Eevee's and their evolutions. Check back tomorrow for more POKEMON!

PS: Comment down your favorite Pokemon or Evolution to get your comment featured!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mega Evolution Ideas!

Hi guys! I decided to make a second post for today about Mega Evolution ideas! :3 A lot of Pokemon should have Mega Evolutions and these Pokemon should have one in my opinion.The first Pokemon that should get a Mega Evolution is Milotic and it probably would look epic! 
The next Pokemon that should have a Mega Evolution is Luxray and I think that Mega Luxray would look fierce! :D
The final Pokemon that should get a Mega Evolution is Ninetales and I bet it would look beautiful!
That's all the Pokemon I could think of. Bye!
PS: Comment down below three Pokemon that should get Mega Evolutions and why. Also, your comment could get featured!

Mega Gallade, Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Hi guys it's Mystic and today I'll be telling you about some of the new Mega Evolutions in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! First off is Mega Gallade and he looks epic!
In generation 3 Wally used to have a Gardevoir as his signature Pokemon and it's amazing that they gave Wally a Gallade. The next new Mega is Sharpedo and it looks amazing!
The final Mega is Camerupt and it has an epic volcano on it and it's really awesome!
That's it bye!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pokemon Spotlight: Mew!

Hi guys it's Mystic! Today I'll be posting the Pokemon Spotlight! The Pokemon spotlight belongs to Mew today! :D Mew's Pokedex entry says: "Because it can use all kinds of moves, many scientists believe that Mew to be the ancestor of Pokemon." Mew's height is 1'04" and the weight is 8.8 lbs. Mew doesn't evolve and it's a psychic type. Now here's a kawaii picture of Mew :D

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to the epic world of Pokemon!

Hi guys it's Mystic! Welcome to this Pokemon blog! This blog will have Pokemon Spotlights, Updates and more! So I hope you have fun exploring the world of Pokemon here! Bye!