Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pokemon Trainer Creator!

Hi guys! It's Mystic! Today I'll be telling you about something I found on Deviantart. I found a Pokemon Trainer Creator and I was thinking: "Why not let people request for me to make them a Pokemon Trainer?" Anyways, I'll be giving credit by putting the link to it in each request. Here's an example of a request:
Name: Mystic 
Looks: Light purple shirt, dark purple skirt, aqua shoes, brown Pokeball belt, purple head band and long brown hair.
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Accessories: Blue Scarf

I hope you have a fun time playing Pokemon! Bye!
PS: The link to the Trainer Creator:

Pokemon Spotlight: Chimchar

Hey Guys! Today's Pokemon Spotlight is Chimchar! Chimchar is one of the starter Pokemon on: Platinum Version,Diamond Version and Pearl Version! Here is a bunch of facts about it!

Chimchar artwork by Ken Sugimori

Pokedex Data

National No: 390
Type: Fire
Species: Chimp Pokemon
Height: 1'8" (0.51m)
Weight: 13.7 lbs (6.2kg)
Abilities: Blaze & Iron Fist (Hidden Ability)
Local No: 004 (Diamond,Pearl) 004 (Platinum)

I hope you enjoyed today's Pokemon Spotlight! Be sure to check back soon for more!